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The SekureID line of physical access controls come equipped with our state of the art fingerprint sensor that has been developed and perfected over the last 9 years using our self owned new generation BioNano fingerprint algorithm. Our unique function recreates a template to heal broken fingerprint lines allowing the sensor to update the best image for the user every scan, making it possible to verify fingerprints quickly and more accurately. Whether being used to access a building, secure restricted locations within, or for time and attendance management, biometric authentication technology has come a long way, these advances in biometrics have now made this surprisingly affordable and popular.
Addressing the multitude of threats to an organization's physical and digital assets has become one of the most important challenges facing governments and enterprises today. The SekureID SID500 is a standalone or networked combined biometric access control device with fingerprint and smart card technology, and is capable of restricting who is an authorized user and who is not, giving a company complete control over who goes when and where at all times. The SekureID SID500 can integrate with existing physical access systems and provides an enhanced layer of security through the use of biometric technology. The SID500 Biometric Access Control requires no server or software. Everything is embedded in the device, making installation as easy as running wire.
Wiegand Compatible Various Identification Methods
The SekureID SID500 is compatible with all standard format access control system via 26bit or 37bit Wiegand communication.  Seamless performance based on true identity to the access control system. The SekureID SID500 has various identification methods. It can programmed as fingerprint only, smart card only, & pin number only or for higher level of security with fingerprint and smart card combined.
Easy On Sceen User Management Easy to Integrate with your Old System
  The SID500 comes standard with a large, high resolution LCD display & easy on screen programming for user management and system settings configuration.   The SID500 can easily integrate with your old system. It is smaller than the older type access control devices and it gives a modern & sleek apparance where ever it is installed.
Optional Network TCP/IP Connection Time Zone Access Control
  The SID500 network TCP/IP communication based computing structure of this modern access control system assures real time and secure system operation.   The SID500 has time zone restriction management. With this feature users can be programmed with unique settings to allow them to open only the doors assigned by the software at specific times.
Key Features
  • 1000 Fingerprint User Capacity

  • Network TCP/IP Connection

  • Utilizes State of the Art Optical Sensor Technology

  • Stand Alone Device - No PC Required

  • Simple Wiring - No Training Necessary

  • Used with Electronic Door Strikes, Bolts or Magnetic Locks

  • Easy User Enrollment directly on the SID500 LCD display & Keypad

  • Fast Authentication in Under 1 Second

  • 1 Year Warranty

  • Over 200,000 Devices Sold Worldwide

  Optional Secure I/O SC021 - Higher Level of Security
  The SC021 is a separate door controller and I/O expansion.  Along with encrypted Wiegang communication with the Anviz T50, it provides higher level or security and cost effictive access control system for small to medium sized office.
  • Simple to Configure Door Opening Privileges
  • No Software Required
  • Support 12V Power Supply for Electronic Locks
  • Dry Contact Signal Output
  • RS232 / RS455 Communication
Advantages of Buying From SekureID
  • You are Buying Directly From the Manufacturer

  • Knowledgeable Staff Here to Help You Setup

  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee (Read our Return Policy)

  • 1 Year Warranty

  • In Stock & Ready to Ship

  • Easy Installation & Setup Instructions

What is included
  • 1 SekureID 500 Fingerprint Access Control Device

  • 1 Network TCP/IP Connectivity

  • 1 Mini USB Connection Cable

  • 1 Anviz Access Control Software CD

  • 1 Installation Manual



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